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    Mar 3 rd, 2019
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    The 4 types of articles to include in your blog

    Digital marketers always talk about the importance of creating a blog for any type of business as part of its online marketing strategy.

    This technique proved its effectiveness in attracting audience and keeping them interested through creative and engaging web-content; mainly articles.

    But what kind of articles should you share with your audience?

    In fact, articles can have various objectives, tones and styles. Depending on those factors, we’re going to walk you through the types of articles your business can rely on in order to build interaction and create added value!

    1. Informative articles:

    The basic purpose of informative articles, as the name suggests, is to pass on knowledge to your targeted audience. Readers like this type of articles since it feeds them information about a specific subject.

    If your business industry requires mastering a certain theme then your expertise is your most valuable asset to affirm your position as the expert in your field.

    As for SEO, informative articles are generally long enough for Google to place them higher in search results.

    1. News/ News Jacking articles:

    News articles are not only the easiest to find but one of the most needed as well. This type of articles is usually the fastest to produce as it is based on news and actual events.

    In such articles, you can write about events related to your industry, innovations, and law adjustments. You can also seize the chance to profit of a certain virality wave like the World Cup for example. This can help you reach a peak of traffic and gain a reputation as a source of information to your audience who will commit to visiting your website regularly.

    1. Storytelling article:

    Personal stories are one of the audience’s top favorite content and by far the most impactful.              This is proved by how popular TED talks are and the great number of vues for success stories. Storytelling has become one of today’s most effective marketing techniques as it helps you bond with your audience, strengthen your personal branding by adding a human touch.


    1. Link baits

    This type of articles is based on referring and/or presenting other actors in the industry. For example the “5 must-follow twitter accounts” or “best 10 blogs to check in 2019” are called link bait!

    This could be a good technique to be introduced to influencers in your field and generating interaction on social media.

    So now that you’ve been introduced to some of the most used types of articles for a business blog, don’t forget that your content can take any form; videos, presentations of slideshare, podcasts.. What matters is that you choose the most suitable one to convey your message.